Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March 30th, 2021

March 30th, 2021

Hey kitty lovers! We've got a small group today of some super cuddly cats! Everyone wanted a snuggle today!

LV was adorable as he rolled around on the cat tower! We did lots of headbutts and meowing at each other today as well

Smokey was also looking super cute as he rubbed on his condo door. This guy can't get enough pets and is asking for them as soon as I come in!

Elko is such a pretty girl! She got lots of pets today too, and we're so proud of her coming out of her shell to get some love

Buddy just came in today and is still feeling a bit shy around us

Zolo is quite the handsome man, and showed off his fluffy belly rolling around on our heated tile flooring

And Beau prefers the company of humans over cats, so he stays in his condo most of the day. But he's always ready to roll around and gets some cheek scratches when I come by!

That's it for today! Hope you will all join us next time as we start to get more kitties joining the party as Spring break rolls up.

Have a purrrfect night!


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