Friday, March 19, 2021

March 19, 2021

March 19, 2021

Hey kitty gang! We're back today with more photos of your fur babies! Today was a nice, quiet day before a busier weekend!

First up is house cat, Charles, looking cozy in one of our extra dens

Coco is still getting used to us and being here, but she's coming out of her shell and starting to explore more!

Jon Robbie is also getting used to everything, and has been prefering to stay curled up in his den most of the day

Kiwi just arrived and is settling in nicely! He can't wait to explore the cattery more tomorrow!

Lily also just arrived, and is also eager to get out and play!

Nimue was never far away from my side today! She's a sweet girl who loves her chin scratches

Oyster was also a shadow! Wherever I went, he was sure to be close by, curiously supervising

Otis is almost a clone of Oyster! He enjoyed the catio and liked to chirp at me when I came by to say hi

Q-tip liked to get the high ground outside on the catio and showed off her belly and paws when I came around for pets

Q-tip also has a lookalike! Here's Tucker, sleeping on top of the condos and ruling the roost!

And finally, Smokey was super adorable rolling around on the floor today and meowing at me for attention!

A couple bonus pictures to finish off our blog! We had lots of kitties who wanted to get up close and personal with the camera today

From left to right, here's Oyster, Q-tip and Smokey

That's it today folks! Thanks for reading and we'll catch you next time. Have a purrfect day!



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