Sunday, March 28, 2021

March 28, 2021

 Happy Caterday everyone!!!!

Kiwi is jumping on the cat cabin.

Elko is a new boarder at All My Kitties and is coming out from under her blankets.

Patrick just wouldn't hold still for the photo.

Smokey looking dashing.

Cuddly Petunia.  She loves the catio.

LV is nosey

Puss N Boots is soooo comfortable on top the condos.

Mezzy is exploring.

Beau's eyes just wouldn't open up, so I used the flash. 
I'm not sure if either are better.  Smile Beau!!!

We have two Beau's staying with us this week.  Here's number 2.

House cat Fairy thinks this is a perfect day for a nap.  
But everyday  perfect for her.

Your blog host - Marie

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