Friday, March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021 

Hi everyone! We've got a full house here at All My Kitties today, and things are picking up with the Spring weather coming in! We've got lots of new faces to introduce you to today


Beau is new and getting comfortable! He showed off by rolling around when I met him, and he ventured out into the cattery to explore as well

Beau has a look-a-like here! Tucker is a long time guest who gets to go home today. We'll miss you Tucker!

There's also another Beau! He's still shy, but is enjoying curling up and getting cozy in his den 

Elko also just arrived and is still a bit shy, but looked so cute poking her head out of her bedding!

Kiwi is just darling and likes to follow me around. We got some good cuddle time in today!

LV is another new arrival getting used to things here. He popped his head out to say hello when I came by 

Mezzy is also settling in after arriving today, but she's feeling more eager than some of our other new arrivals and is ready to explore!

Patrick has been really enjoying the catio! Here he is coming down from his prefered perch to say hello 

Petunia is such a sweetheart and super cute too! She knows how to strike a pose

Puss N Boots is a Grade A roller here on our heated flooring!

Smokey is another kitty who loves to roll! He also made sure to get some outside time on our window box today

And Snoopy is settling in nicely and enjoying how cozy her condo is

That's all today folks! Things are speeding up around here so keep your eyes open for the next blog!

Have a purrrfect day!

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