Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 1st, 2021

 June 1st, 2021

Happy Tuesday, friends! Everyone's back to the grind after a lovely long weekend. We had many of our furry friends head home yesterday, so we've got a skeleton crew of fabulous felines to showcase this afternoon.

Almond just went home, but before he left, he was totally posing for the camera for us. Looking sharp.

Chef has gotten very comfortable exploring the office. He went to Scout's condo to say hello, and took a little nap in his bed. Looks cozy. 

Jinx just joined us yesterday, he is already making himself at home on the catio. A very sweet guy.

Katie is hilarious. She loves to follow us around the cattery meowing for attention. Her yells are so cute and funny. 

I thought Marley wanted a cuddle, but turns out he just wanted me to get out of the chair so he could have a nap. 

Sweet Martin! A newcomer to AMK, Martin is loving his cozy den. He has sniffed around his condo, but seems to be taking things slow on the exploration front.

Fan favorite Rocky Rockstar spent some time on the catio today, napping out in the warm weather. 

Sweet Roxy tends to keep to herself in her den, but will come out to say hello... Or maybe she's just asking when dinner will be served.

Schooner comes out of her den occasionally to sit elsewhere in her condo, but here lately I've only caught her mid-nap.

Friendly Scout did some adventuring today, and managed to get under our desk. He likes to find the sneaky places to hide!

Stitch and I had some playtime today, using one of the kitty toys we have laying around. He chased a feather toy for a bit before deciding he was more interested in pets. 

I know Taco looks like she doesn't want me around - but I promise this girl was being absolutely precious today. She loves her pets and will roll around and show her tummy to me. What a sweetie.

That's all for today! We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday with even more kitties. Have a great week!


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