Wednesday, July 21, 2021

July 21st, 2021

 July 21st, 2021

Happy Hump Day! It's a little chilly today, so lots of our kitties are curled up staying cozy. Let's see what everyone got up to today!

Aapo explored the tops of the condos today. He was full of energy and wanted everyone to hang out with him!

Beau stayed cozy and warm in his den, enjoying the sights and sounds of all the other kitties exploring.

Bucky looked like a proper little model today when I came around to take photos! He posed like a professional. He was paid well in lots of pets and noggin rubs. 

My photos of Chloe aren't that great, but Chloe sure is! She was all cuddled up in her den for a good nap earlier, and we got a little bit of snuggle time, too. 

Fennel and Shibden spent a pretty balanced amount of time hanging out together and doing things on their own. Fennel loves to get cozy in their den, while Shibden likes to explore and see what everyone else is up to. 

Sweet Jubilee! As I type this, he is in my lap, nuzzling my hands and making it difficult to type. I think he just wants dinner, but I'm happy to give him lots of love, too!

King and Tut have returned to hang out with us again! They're quick to get back in the swing of things and find their favorite spots again. 

Cutie Kiva found a few good nap spots today! She's very chatty and loves to race me up the stairs. She wins every time. 

Kiwi is back again too! He's a real sweetie. He likes following us around the cattery, and as long as he isn't napping, he likes greeting new faces, too. 

Loki looked so handsome during his nap earlier! I felt so bad when he woke up and noticed me taking pictures, but he fell asleep again pretty quickly. The tops of the condos are a new favorite for him. 

Big boy LV just joined us yesterday. He's a sweet guy who likes the top of the condos, too. I think he likes watching everyone else... Plus he can spot any and all bits of food he can help clean up. 

Mack is ready for dinner, too! I better hurry up on this blog and get these kitties fed... He and I shared a few sweet moments of head rubs and gentle purrs this morning. 

Miss Maggie very politely let me know her food bowl was empty, and could I please refill it? Of course, ma'am, room service will be by shortly. 

Momo and Marigold just arrived and are very entertained by everything the cattery has to offer! Beds, window seats, condo tops, oh my!

Monkey was curled up like the cutest little cinnamon roll earlier. That cozy basket IS the the purrfect nap spot. Fresh air, a nice breeze, and a heated bed!

Nala likes watching the younger kitties bounce around the office. Aapo in particular loves to entertain her. 

Handsome Nathaniel! He's come so far out of his shell. He loves hanging out with the other kitties, but I think his favorite pastime is gazing out the window. 

Oh Peanut! One of my favorite guests. She is having a real blast. I kept trying to catch a photo of her playing in the water bowl, but every time I came out with my camera, she stopped... Classic kitty! 

Miss Penny was all over the place today! From her condo, to the catio, to visiting her friends' condos, she made the rounds. 

Quincy just joined us earlier today. Doesn't he look like a handsome little lion? So far, he's surveying his kingdom on the top of the condos. 

Rani and Thinley are just an inseparable pair. They spend all day together! Rani occasionally likes to come and get some head scratches from us, but she always goes back to cuddles with Thinley. 

Sarge and Missy had a great day today, too! Sarge can be a little grumpy sometimes, but he's got a soft spot for me. We like to hang out on the stairs and get a good cuddle in. 

Skittle and Skillet are first timers here at AMK. Like most newbies, they found a lot of comfort in their den, and are slowly getting more interested in the cattery. 

Mr. Skylar loves to come hang out in this condo in particular. It's right at the top of the stairs, so maybe he likes looking down there at everyone else. 

Last but not least, we have Tuckerman, who made himself right at home in one of our kitty cabins. He was very warm and cozy when I came to say hello. Don't worry, I apologized for letting in a draft!

That's all for today, friends! We'll see you all on Friday with another update. It's time for me to get these kitties fed!


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