Friday, July 23, 2021

July 23

 July 23rd

Happy Friday! 

I hope everyone is getting ready to an exciting weekend! 

Our furry friends are gearing up! 

Aapo is enjoying a sunlit afternoon nap! He is tired after playing with all his new friends!

Beau is back and in style! He is another one that loves a good nap : )

Bootsie is settling in well! She is not very interested in exploring yet but she loves her basket!

Bucky has been making friends! He loves stealing other's basket but it is okay because Chloe is happy to share!

While not making friends, Chloe is having fun out in the catio! 

Dorothy is a returned friend! We are happy to have her back!

Felix and Lyra are new friends! They are settling in well! They are not too interested in exploring outside yet but they are always ready to check out their condo: )

Shibden and Fennel are heading home today! They had a great stay and we are sorry to see them leave! 

King and Tut are the masters of find and seek! When I am cleaning for the day, I never know where I will find them : )

Kiwi is back and he knows the game plan! He is always ready to tell us what he needs and at what time! 

LV is competing with Loki to "King of the Catio!" He loves being wherever the action is! He is not interested in being involved in the drama but he definitely wants to watch: )

Loki was looking too good for his photo shoot today so I had to add all of the picture! 
He is as always on the catio! 

Mack is a very chill dude! He loves his condo and who can blame him! He has a great view out the window : )

Marigold and Momo love the office! They love exploring and are always on the move!

Monkey was running around like a maniac all morning so now he is taking a well deserved nap: )

Penny decided today was her rest day and she would not leave her condo! We moved her condos yesterday as she did not like her old one! She is much happier now!

Phil Collins is angry that I took this picture! He was about to go to the bathroom and I disturbed him! You can see the disapproval in his face : )

Puss N' Boots is settling in well and we are happy to have him back! 

Quincy looks like a majestic lion sunning himself! And he has the attitude to match : )

Quinoa is settling in well and enjoys following me around while I clean and demanding snuggles! 

Rani and Thinley are settling in well! They are back to their old routine and love the cuddles : ) 

Skittle and Skillet are still being a little shy, but they are settling in well! They are always ready to welcome visitors to their condo! 

Sarge is chilling out on the catio today! He was a little grumpy this morning but now he is ready to relax for the rest of the day!

Peanut has really warmed up in the last couple of days! When he is not sleeping top of the cleaning towels, he is demanding all of the love: )

Missy is always on the move! For the life of me, I could not get a good picture! She is always off exploring or making friends! (See picture below!)

Skylar is out and about today! He might have made a new friend with Missy! 
We will have to wait and see : )

Cat Fun Fact! 

Every heard the saying, "Who let the cat out of the bag!"

The origins are back in medieval times - Merchants would take piglets in bags to market. It was a common scam for merchants to replace the piglets with cats. The customers would not know that had been cheated until they got home and let the cat out of the bag : )

See you all on Sunday! 


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