Saturday, July 17, 2021

June 17, 2021

 June 17th 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

All of our furry friends are happy to have a break from the long work week 😀

Bucky has returned and is loving it! He has been busy making new friends and running around like a maniac!! What a happy kitty : )

Pudge was out and about today making new friends! (Please see the pic of him and Bucky above!)

Aapo was in a very playful mood today! 
And was dragging every other cat into playing with him : )

Kingston was startled to come back from his exploring to find that Aapo had stolen his bed! He looked at me as if to say, "Why?! Make him leave!"

Apollo has made two besties in Kingston and Aapo! They all play hard but Apollo is not afraid to nap hard either : )

Brutus loves the catio! He runs out every morning first thing! The only thing that motivate him more in the promise of snuggles!

Sarge is another big fan of the catio! He is a loner and has his favorite basket! All the other furry friends make sure to save it for him : )

Charlie loves her condo! She is not as interested in exploring and would rather take a nap than deal with troublesome neighbors!

Cheeto spent the day exploring the tops of the condos! He has yet to give his report but he is making sure every corner is explored : )

Chloe loves her condo! She was out on the catio all morning but decided that her condo was where she wanted to be!

Fennel is a returned friend! He is settling in well and is always ready for his photo shoot! He knows where to find the most dramatic lighting : )

This is a great picture of Figaro with the light bulb going off! I wonder what brillant idea he just thought of!

Harvey has been great! He has gotten along well with everyone and is eager to explore : )

Hyra loves to be playful as long as you are willing to join her on the top of the condos!

Jubilee loves to nap in the office! One of these photos was from this morning and the other from the afternoon! Both times he was not pleased that I disturbed his nap!

Kiva was out and about exploring the catio today! She is getting bolder and bolder everyday!

Leo is a condo dweller like many others, she like to come out for a short time in the morning and then retreats back to her wonderful room : )

Loki is loving the sun! He is the king of sun bathing for the day! 

Loki S. has really been expanding his social circle today! He is ready for snuggles or to mingle with other furry friends : )

Loki and Loki are frustrated that we interrupted them as they conspire!

Missy loves going upstairs! 
If you are looking for her, the first place is always at the top of the stairs: )

Mittens has returned! She has not been here is awhile but she walked in like she owned the place and has not stopped since!

Monkey loves the catio and we love his goatee! We can get a good view since he is always at the top of the catio : )

Nala is such a cute little explorer! She is drinking plenty of water and taking the best naps!

Nathaniel loves to watch the bird nest out the side window! He will be sure to let us know once the eggs have hatched: )

Percy is trying to steal the title of "best napping contortionist" away from Charlie! 
The competition is fierce and we will call the winner on Sunday! 

Shibden has returned and is settling in well! He did a lot of exploring this morning and was ready for an afternoon nap: )

Simba headed home today and we were sorry to see him! Ta ta for now! 

Tiger is always on the move so it is hard to get a good photo! But everyone needs a good nap after rough housing with Aapo and Apollo : )

Tuckerman has returned and is settling in well! We are still getting to know each other and I have given him many complaints on his half moustache! 

Cat Fun Fact! The myth that cats have 9 lives dates back to the Ancient Egyptians or Ancient China depending on who you ask!
(Check in later this week for the competing stories! After, you can decide!)

Have a great rest of your weekend!





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