Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021

 July 6th 

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! All of our furry friends are doing well and enjoying the cooler weather!

Aapo was doing a lot of exploring today! He made friends with Blee and was very sad to find out it was Blee's day last here! 

Blee making a new friend on his last day! We will miss him : )

Kingston is a new friend! He is settling well and is very curious about why I would want to take his photo! 

Almond was being extra playful today! He every got Braveheart in on it! 

Braveheart was being a social butterfly and today she made a new friend! What cuties : )

Buster is a new friend! He is settling in well and having fun napping in his new hidey hole!

Charlie is out and about! She made a new friend today! Harley!

Harley was being very social today! He liked hangout with Charlie! 
(Look at the photo above!)

Chef went home today! He is always a blast and we were sad to see him go! 

Ginger and Pepper are settling in well. They spent the day exploring the catio and condos : )

Ed decided it was his day in the sun. He is a big fan of the new and improved window seats : ) 

Michie's favorite place is the closet but he makes sure to come out and say hi every hour or so!

Kingston and Harley are making friends! 

Jazz was exploring all of today! I am sure that he knows every inch of the catio! 

Jojo decided to be my office assistant for the day! Too bad she would not give me my chair back : )

Kiki has done some exploring today! She loved the catio : )

Loki was off to the races today! He had the zooms this morning and so his adventures were faster than the eye could see!

Maya did a lot of exploring this morning! She decided to spend the afternoon napping! 

Kiva is a new friend! She was very interested in exploring beyond her condo today and she did like some cuddles : )

Millie is taking a wonderful nap on the heating pad! Don't you wish you could join her?!She headed home today and we will miss her! 

Nando is another one who knows all the best napping spots! But he wouldn't want to cuddle with me : )

Oreo is on the move! She has decided that she loves the cabins! 

When in doubt Pan is somewhere up high! He loves looking down at us : )

Pancakes is such a sweetheart! He loves to cuddle and is not afraid to demand his fair share! We were sad that he headed home today!

Percy loves her comfy tent! She will come out and explore for a short time and then it is straight back for a nap in her tent : )

Primrose was such an adventurer today! Sadly, she was always on the run so we will have to be satisficed with her pre-nap photo! 

Rocky woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Here he is being grumpy because this cuddle time was cut short by clean duty! 

Rizzo is such a sweetie pie! He is all about the cuddles and the love! 

Tiger was off exploring this morning! He doesn't have a lot of interest in being my friend but he likes to watch and make sure I'm working hard : )

The Office meeting between Aapo, Maya and Michie!

Fun Cat Facts!

 Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door!

Ta ta for now! See you all on Thursday!


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