Thursday, July 29, 2021

July 29th, 2021

July 29th, 2021

Happy Friday Jr, AMK friends! It's almost Friday, and these kitties are ready for the weekend. With a great gang of kitties new and returning, we know it'll be a great time! Here's what our kitties have been up to today.

Miss Ahia spent some time napping in her den, and took a nice afternoon stroll downstairs afterwards. 

Mr. Leopold Daniel is really doing great! He was nervous when he first arrived, but he's really gotten the hang of things around here. He still loves his den, of course, but enjoys hanging out with his friends, too!

Sweet Miss Dorothy is the greatest when it comes to routine. She always knows when I'm coming around for photos or dinner time and is purrfectly perched in place!

Fennec and Nagi are warming up too. Fennec has just spent the past 20 minutes getting some good snuggles here on my lap while I type. Nagi is more apprehensive about things, but she is slowly building up confidence to explore!


Sisters Ginger and Pepper are having a great day. Both of them spent a little time outside, but Pepper tends to prefer the calm coziness of her den!


Handsome guys King and Tut have been living it up on the catio. They're getting really good at our routine, too! They've started heading to their condo around dinner time. 

Momo and Marigold are such a wonderful sibling duo! You can tell them apart by their "socks" - Marigold has little white feet and Momo's are brown! These goofballs act like they own the place and are always happy to show our new comers how things work!

Marvin wasn't particularly interested in posing for a photoshoot today, but he WAS interested in naps and a few pets. He's always on top of our condos or up high on shelves. 

Missy had a very stereotypical cat moment today - "I want to come outside!" Ok, Missy, the door is open... "Well, actually, I'll just sit in front of the door."

Handsome man Oontz! He's roaming around our office, leaping from condo top to condo top. It's fun seeing a kitty find what they like here!

Gorgeous Oreo has a tail that is SO long and fluffy, you wouldn't believe. The catio was the place to be this afternoon, and Oreo had a blast!

Little Phil Collins is so peaceful and quiet. I almost didn't notice him hanging out in his den earlier today until two bright green eyes were blinking at me!

Pudge was a little evasive for photos today, and by evasive, I mean he wanted me to put my phone down and just hang out with him instead. I obliged, but only got one good photo. 

Quinoa is living it up on this shelf on the catio! I don't think a day has gone by that she didn't take a nap in that basket at LEAST once. 

Siblings Rani and Thinley are forever curled up in their den. You'd think summer was the time to hibernate... Maybe they're on to something! (As I type this, they are curled together... Very cute!)

Big man Sarge! He can come off irritable and grumpy, but he's really the sweetest little man. I love getting to spend quality time with him. 

Skittle and Skillet, still inseparable, are loving pets and rubs today. A good cuddle session together was in order to kick off afternoon nap time.

Speedy and Potter joined us yesterday and so far are adjusting remarkably well! They figured things out pretty quickly, and are spending their day testing out all of the comfy spots to sit. 

Stitch is another evasive little friend! He's more interested in hanging out with me than having his photo taken. We snapped this quick one of him tucked in a great hiding spot on the shelf before he came down to hang out.

That's it for our kitty update today! We look forward to checking back in on Saturday with all the weekend happenings here at AMK. See you then!



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  1. Ahia we love you and miss you!
    From Ahia’s human sister: I just want to love you. I hope you are having a good time.