Saturday, August 20, 2022

 August 20th, 2022

Happy Caturday Everyone! 

Sven and Meow Meow are feather toy pros! 

Koi and Nabi say give me chance at the feather!

Hana and Yuki love some pats and scratches! 

Prince Jammy loves the kitty casa boxes!

Kai and Kona cuddled on a laid back Saturday 

Wilson loves a good basket!

Atlas and Stella are honing their lounging skills!

Cooper is simply picture purrfect!

Roxanne says "Hey, I am sleeping here!" 

Kuro the catio pro!

Quincy spends most of his day in this catio spot, it's his favorite. 

Noco would like some pats please! 

Quorra has found her way to the catio!

Bean is on the look out!

Klaus wins the long whisker competition!

Cairo loves the condo shelves, he's found exploring other's condo a lot! 

Harvey say's "I am ready for my close up!"

Marley loves a good cubbie!

Butter agrees with Marley on the cubbies! 

Tobic says "whatchu doing down there?" 

Gus is always picture ready! 

Oliver says "if you want to come up the stairs, you must pay the toll in pets" 

Have a great weekend! We will post again on Monday August 22nd! 

-AMK Team 

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