Wednesday, August 24, 2022

August 24th

 August 24th, 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The weekend is around that corner!

Arya loves watching birds!
Meow Meow and Sven waiting for some pets! 

Cairo giving us his regal look!

Cooper is making friends!

Dorothy likes to hang out in her condo!

Isis and Mary are ready for their close ups!

Lilly thinks a basket is a great place to spend the day!

Koi and Nabi are stretching out together!

Noco sees a bird! 

Oliver enjoying some pets!

Otis and Ollie are posing for you!

Quincy is a catio lounging pro!
Quorra has also discovered her love of the high catio shelves!

Rosie is quite photogenic!

Tula having a little nap!

Waffles is a beauty!

Wilson loves the window!

Meredith and Biggie ready for some pets!

Hana and Yuki both seek out the comfy top of the condos! 

Fennec prefers the outside, where Nagi prefer the soft tops of the condos! 

Kuro loving the sun today! 

Beans and Frances are exploring the upstairs area today! 

Boba is warming up to us!

Bean is an independent guy! 

We will see you on Friday! 

AMK Team 

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