Monday, August 8, 2022

August 8, 2022

 August 8th 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week has started off well! Our kitty cats are enjoying the warm weather! 

Tobic is king of the stair case! Pay your tolls in cuddles! 

Taco enjoying the view

Meow Meow relaxing in her basket. 
Sven enjoying time in the window, exploring the office!

Prince Jammy stretching out in the AC!

Noco waiting for those treats! 

Millie is having her after lunch nap, how dare we wake her up!

Leo enjoying pets from the team!
Will says "but I am the toll master!"

Kuro is always on the move!

Jessica is mellow, enjoying the AC on top of the condo!

Hana and Yuki enjoying visiting other condo's baskets!

Cinder watching from above!

Chloe claiming her spot! 

Chef gives his approval to the window seat!

Archie posing for the camera! 

We will see you all on Wednesday!

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