Sunday, August 28, 2022

August 28th, 2022

 August 28th 2022

Meowdy and Happy National Bowtie Day! It's a lazy Sunday as we prep for the week ahead, the kitties were up to silliness today!

Fennec + Nagi were keeping it catsual on the catio and inside the hotel! 

Oyster was looking for some trouble to get into but the catio was nice and quiet.

Oscar like usual, was sticking to his favorite spots on top of the condo, stopping in his condo to get pets, and taking a few brisk walks outside.

Noco greeted me with song this meowning! She stopped her serenading for pets!

Bean felt comfortable enough to come out and say hello this morning.

Sausage was taking it easy in a cat cabin, but popped out to greet me!

Waffles was hamming it up as soon as she knew she had a photo op!

Memo was enjoying the top of the condos this morning, visiting Blueberry and Dorothy!

Fennel was feeling a little shy this morning and preferred the comfurrt of their condo, while Shibden found an opportunity and decided to check out everyone's condos.

Missy was very excited for breakfast this morning and talked up quite a storm, she settled down for a nice afternoon nap. 

Lilly very much wanted to be the center of attention this morning!

Gary was trying his best to make his way up on the cat tree, he opted for the catio instead!

Tula was enjoying her condo as usual, but did not say no to pets!

Blueberry was really hamming it up, he wanted to show off his cuteness!

Arthur was rolling around on the bookshelf asking for pets!

Rosie followed me all around this morning demanding pets!

Gabby wanting to check everything out from her condo!

Meow Meow found the perfect window bed, while Sven laid underneath him in a plush bed!

Ollie + Otis decided they'd rather stay in today and enjoyed the cool day from their beds.

Nala found a perfect hiding spot on top of the condos!

Quinn found an empty window and took advantage of the view!

Koi + Nabi trying to share the windowbed! Very cute, maybe not pawsible however.

Cooper was all over the office this afternoon, especially when it came time to play!

Charlie found himself the purrfect hiding spot in the closet, but he did come out to check out the playtime hullabaloo!

Hana + Yuki are in their favorite places on top of the condos as usual, just soaking up the afternoon in peace and quiet!

That's all for today! We will see you on Tuesday!
The AMK Team

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