Thursday, August 18, 2022

August, 18th, 2022

August, 18th

Happy Thursday everyone! It's gonna be another toasty one today

Babka came out to lay on the catio this morning!

Butter is still getting comfortable, but loves watching everyone through the window!

Cairo loves to hangout at the top of the stairs and sometimes right in the middle!

Ernie and Goldie are taking it easy today with some naps!

Frodo loves pets, and fill flop in front of you for some attention!

Gus loves the solitude of his condo but will always come out for some head scratches!

Yuki looking very proper today, and Hana who had just woken from a nap!

Harvey has found a new favorite spot way high up where he can look at everything going on!

Kai and Kona are besties, they love curling up together in their condo!

Koi and Nabi are also besties, doing some bird watching and exchanging meows!

Kuru loves to hangout on the catio and catch the breeze!

Marley the sweetest old man who knows how to get your attention when he wants pets!

Millie doesn't mind the heat as long as she has a cozy nap spot!

Noco loves rolling around on top of the condos!

Oliver is still settling in but enjoys his condo and the nice a/c!

Pixel came down for some exploring today and is loving the sun!

Prince Jammy *Jam Jam* loves is condo he's the coziest guy!

Quincy trying to get a better look at the birds!

Atlas and Stella still warming up but are happy to nap together in their condo!

Meow-Meow in her favorite window seat and Sven in his favorite spot high atop the condos!

Tobic giving us a very big yawn, he always has something to say!

Shaggy likes catching the breeze on the catio!

See you all on Saturday Caturday!

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