Friday, October 7, 2022

October, 7th, 2022

 October, 7th

Happy Friday everyone!
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

Arthur keeping an eye on the catio for me!

Basbeaux keeping cozy on the catio!

Catsby and Cheese both enjoying the bit if sun we got today!

Chloe just one minute before nap time!

Jake has chosen a favorite spot on one of the catio shelves and Cleo is loving the cat tree!

Taofu and Cloudy both came out to explore and meet all the other kitties!

Dale loves to greet you when you walk by!

Dot and pixel can be found anywhere from bird watching, to climbing, to napping!

Harvey getting in some good scratch post time!

Lucy loves attention and will follow you all around for pets, Tommy Pickles is more shy but equally loves his head scratches and pets!

Mina just arrived but is already adjusting very well!

Obi likes to relax on the catio most of the day!

Pete likes to walk around sniffing all the kitties and meowing away!

Phoebe likes to watch everything from the high up of her condo!

Puss N' Boots and Bootsie both spend their daytime on the catio where they can get some fresh air!

Porter on his favorite shelve, he seems to prefer it to his bed!

Pudgy is a shy boy but he loves chin scratches!

Swiss is very vocal and loves her food!

That's all for today, See you back here on Sunday!
-AMK Team

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