Sunday, October 9, 2022

October 9th 2022

 October 9th

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We are ready for autumn weather!

Arthur loves the scratching board!

Bazbeaux loves to watch from the highest shelf!

Boostie and Puss in Boots love to chill out in the condo!

Catsby and Cheese like to watch everything from their condo!

Chloe loves to hang out at the scratching post!

Dexter and Watson wanted to sleep in this Sunday morning!

Dot and Pixel love to explore wherever they can reach!

Harvey loves to watch all the goings-on from the shelf!

Michie would rather sleep in than wake up today!

Millie loves to rule over the room from her favorite spot!

Mina likes to watch everything from the stairs!

Mr. Bingley loves to get lots of pets!

Obi likes to say hi to everyone!

Patrick loves to get plenty of attention!

Pete keeping cool on the tile!

Phoebe is mastering her loaf skills!

Porter likes to keep an eye on the cleaning!

Pudge isn't sure why he needs to be awake right now!

Roxanne was interrupted mid-bath for her photo opportunity! 

Swiss Cheese loves to play in other cats condo all day!

Waffles loves to tell you how her day is going!

See you all on Tuesday!
AMK Team

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