Monday, October 17, 2022

October 17th 2022

 October 17th

Happy Monday Everyone!

Alfa and Nardo can't agree on how to spend their Monday!

Anakin is being fast friends with Obi!

Azula would rather get her beauty sleep than get a picture!

Beau couldn't agree with Azula more! Sleeping in is the best!

Ben is up early, exploring the catio!

Fennel and Shibden can't decide if the view is better on top of or in the condo!

Gizmo loves to explore the office!

Izzy is being cuddly this morning!

Jinx loves to lounge on top of the condos!

Jubilee loves to watch the birds from the window box!

Martin feels like a lazy Monday is in order!

Michie loves to check out other cats condos!

Millie loves the heating pads in this basket!

Obi makes sure we get all the best angles for his picture!

Oliver is ready for more snacks!

Penny is getting comfy on the new blanket!

See you all on Wednesday!
AMK Team 

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