Sunday, October 23, 2022

October 23, 2022

 October 23rd

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Alfa and Nardo did some early morning exploring!

Anakin is happy to help us organize our towels!

Baker chose to stay in his condo while Kyrie explored on her own!

Beans and Francis are checking out every corner of the cattery!

Boba likes to watch the activity from his condo!

Charlie is ready to greet you as you come in!

Edie really wanted to sleep in this morning!

Fennec and Nagi are searching out places high and low!

Gizmo is loves to watch all the young cats run around!

Izzy likes to have her breakfast in bed!

Jiji is practicing her Spooky Cat for Halloween! 

Jinx is getting some exercise in before a mid-morning nap! 

Lila is getting lots of love!

Luna loves to play first thing in the morning!

Mac and Octane love to chill out on the catio!

Millie loves to collect all the toys!

The Queen herself, Millie!

Mishmush checking things out in the office!

Nefertari loves to chill on top of the condos!

Otis is doing some early morning bird watching!

Smokey really wanted to sleep some more!

Zeus is making lots of biscuits today!

See you all on Tuesday!
AMK Team 

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