Wednesday, October 19, 2022

October 19, 2022

Happy Wednesday! 

It was a catnip Wednesday at AMK today! 

 Michie coming in for the pets

Millie C knows it's lunch time!

Alfa coming in for the pets & Nardo wanting to know why I woke him up. 

Jinx can almost always be found on the cat tree!

Izzy will stretch out of her kitty kasa for the scritches. 

Azula is sleepy! 

Fennel & Shibden are exploring condos together today! 

Anakin is making friends

Martin loves the cubbies, he's a shy guy. 

Ben, the sweet man.

Jubilee loves window boxes. 

Gizmo was woken from his nap, he does not like this. 

Kuro is bird watching in the window. 

Charlie is being super brave and made it to the catio today. 

Otis getting some rubs from the catio. 

Goldie says "put the phone down and pet me!" 

Pixel is a pretty comfy on the stairs. 

Fennec likes those head scritches. Nagi is exploring the tops of condos today. 

Tari would like to know when lunch will be served!

Millie K is already exploring, Pixel is her welcoming committee.

Boba is settling in 

Have a great day! We will see you again on Friday! 

-AMK Team

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