Saturday, November 12, 2022

November 12, 2022

 November 12th!

Everyday is Caturday at AMK!

The cats are enjoying a brisk 

sunny day on the catio!

Tari getting cuddles and playtime

Sven & Meow like window chilling together, and Sven is goofy

Felix would like more treats & Scarlett comes in for a sniff

Dinah finds her favorite spot everyday

Billie wants to know if I will share

Jessica contemplating if she should make the jump

Guinness has a little side eye for Jasmine taking all the attention

Patrick enjoying a good roll outside!

Hugo has become quite the explorer!

Bella likes to hang in while Luna explores

Nina is the best napper

Ben making friends with Scarlet

Bandi & Natsu are quite the cute pair!

Gary spots a bird! 

Baker and Kyrie have different ideas of relaxing 

Ruby T says more feather toy! 

Oscar taking a nap

Ruby C loves bird watching on the catio

Peanut: more snacks please. 

Bazbeaux LOOOOVESSS catnip 

Memo relaxing outside

Wilson hangs under the desk when we are working

We will see you on Monday! 

-AMK Team 

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