Wednesday, November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022

 Hello Everyone! The cats are loafing about today

November 16th

Natsu and Bandi exploring! 

Ben looking dapper on the office chair

Scarlett and Felix have different ideas as to how to spend their days.

Fifa and Olive relaxing

Jessica loves a petal bed

Nina dozing off in the cat tree

Peanut watching all the action from her condo

Phil Collins found a cozy spot!

Ruby has a lot to say as she watches the birds. 

Scout has discovered that tops of condos are cozy!

Wilson looking for the sunbeams! 

Pip is ready for play time! 

Big stretch from Goji. 

Elsie has built herself the best fort. 

We will see you Friday! 

-AMK Team 

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