Tuesday, November 8, 2022

November 8, 2022

 November 8th

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Bella is a shy gal and like to find cozy sleeping spots, while Luna likes exploring the catio!

Ben showing off his big blue eyes after a loooong nap in the office chair!

Billie loves to play around on top of the condos!

Dinah found the perfect cozy spot in a heated house on the catio!

Scarlett showing off her chin waiting for pets and Felix relaxing in his house!

Guinness and Jasmine keeping it relaxed today and hanging out in their beds!

Hugo showing off his scratching post skills!

Jasper getting in some afternoon hugs!

Jessica loves to explore the cattery in the morning but takes the afternoon to nap!

Mika loves the catio and is patiently waiting for dinner!

Nina showing off her climbing skills!

Patrick is wherever the birds are!

Sven and Meow Meow love to watch everything from high up in their window seats!

Sweetums likes to explore the top of the condos!

Tari finally settling in for a nap after lots of playtime!

Archie loves greeting everyone that comes through the door!

That's all for today, See you all on Thursday!
-AMK Team

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  1. Hugo looks like he’s having fun! Thank you!