Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November 2, 2022


Hello AMK Family! 

Millie enjoying a heated bed on a chilly morning

Tari playing as kittens should

Izzy comes out of the warm cubby for pets

Zelda's many faces

Dexter  and Pepper are have different ideas of relaxing

Sven and Meow Meow enjoy window time

Felix begging for treats and Scarlett relaxing

Hugo and Bunny coming out for treats

Mika ready for her close up

Dinah found the heated cabins mean warm roofs

Jessica resting her sweet face

Billie taking a bath after breakfast

Beau does not like his nap disrupted

We will see you on Friday! 
AMK Team! 

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  1. Thanks Marie and team for taking such good care of billie