Friday, November 18, 2022

November 18, 2022

 Happy Friday Everyone! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 
November 18th

Nina loves a good cat tree!

Ben likes to lounge in the window while watching the room.

Bandi & Natsu we out exploring early today. Bandi has discovered that the bookshelves stay very warm. 
Natsu has found the prime bird watching spot. 

Peanut is asking politely for some treats. Of course we obliged. 

Ruby races to this spot each morning. 

It's her favorite place that includes sun and bird watching. 

Wilson helps me work. He's good motivation. 

Scout has found the basket up high are a quiet place.
 They can watch everything!

Fifa & Olive are not shy when asking for attention. 

We are happy to give them love! 

Goji and Pip are becoming good playmates. 
They both have high energy and love playing chase.

Pip says "I am not sure about this"

Harvey has two sides, the jumping/exploring Harvey 

and the sleepy time Harvey

Hamza says "this cone wont keep me from window time! "

Rizzo is a master at the scratcher. 
She likes to show off her skills. 

Just an extra picture of the catio resident cat, Charles, with Bandi. Charles likes Bandi and hangs out on top of Bandi and Natsu's condo. Maybe it's the resemblance...

We will see you Sunday! 

-AMK Team 

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