Tuesday, January 3, 2023

January 3rd, 2023

January 3rd

Happy Tuesday, we hope everyone is having a great 2023 so far!

Watson is getting his steps in for the day!

Tenzing did some bird watching this morning but came inside as soon as he found the banana toy!

Rosie likes exploring the catio!

Raleigh loves her heated bed, she takes the coziest naps!

Pip said "did you hear that? was that a treat bag?"

Luna S is very relaxed today!

Luna B gave me some kisses this morning!

Loki and Raya love to be high up!

Jinx in his usual nap spot!

Edward and Vivian giving us some magical poses today! 

Cyan is scoping out the cattery from a hidey bed!

Chloe is almost always on the catio!

Blossom keeping an eye on the birds!

Becky loves attention and likes to be where the people are!

A-Pui is showing us how big he's getting!

That's all for today, 
see you all on Thursday!
-AMK Team!

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