Sunday, January 15, 2023

January 15th, 2023

 January 15th

Happy Sunday, we hope everyone is having a purrrrrfect weekend!

Acorn is a shy guy who prefers to watch from his condo, but he loves pets!

A-Pui is all tuckered out after his morning zoomies!

Baker and Kyrie like to hangout in their condo and watch A-Pui run around!

Millie loves her naps, especially on the heated beds!

Scarlett watched the birds this morning and Felix napped in his cozy condo!

Tors loves to greet everyone as they arrive, Watson prefers to watch from afar!

Saba loves being high up!

Rocky Rockstar explored the catio this morning, but soon decided the rest of the day was for relaxing!

Obi waiting politely for treats!

Nittany likes to spend his time in the outdoor heated beds!

Momo loves to hangout on the stairs and ask for pets!

Despite Maya's funny face she loooves all the pets, and is not afraid to ask!

Octane says "attention please' Mac on the other hand is sound asleep!

Jules has opted for a chill day!

Jessica loves to watch the kitties from her condo!

Goji is wherever the people are!

Chip likes to birdwatch!

Bubbah and Taro both have their favorite hangout spots where they stay cozy!

Arya Stark says "what is there something on my face?"

Artemis is always hanging out by the window, while Minerva likes the top of the condos!

Archer and Janeway like exploring all over the cattery!

Almond is almost always in one of the outdoor heated baskets!

That's all for today, see you all on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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  1. Love that cartoon. Have lost 3 butter dishes and 2 + bowls as Millie loves to do just that. Funny how she loves those heated beds at AMK but not at home! Thanks all