Thursday, January 19, 2023

January 19, 2023

                                         Happy Thursday!

           The kitties are earning their keep in cuteness today!

Minnie and Artie both in their hangout of choice! Plus Artie exploring the catio!

Jessica prefers to stay in her condo and rest!

Acorn saying "hello who are you?"

Saba being curious this morning and then settling in for his afternoon nap!

Felix and Scarlett staying active and cozy in the office!

Momo loves to watch us work and get some pets!

Bailey being silly!

Tula enjoys resting in her condo!

Zeus keeping an eye on things!

Bayley staying nice and warm in his cubby!

Patrick getting some fresh air!

Lemon is doing well and getting more curious today!

Alfa likes to hang on top of the condo and Nardo likes to stay on his shelf!

Brownie and Miso like to hang out together on top of the condos!

Walter loving that basket life on the catio!

We'll be back on Saturday with more kitty updates! Have a great day,

-AMK Team

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