Thursday, January 5, 2023

January 5, 2023


Hello AMK Fam!

We've all been there.... Silly cats
Happy Thursday!

A-Pui gets field trips to the catio. 

He's figuring out how to be a big cat, 
notice the after adventure sleepy face

Pip playing with some feathers, she's quite the hunter. 

Blossom loves a good window. 

Tenzing's favorite basket. 
He is found here at least once a day, but usually multiple times

Vivian is very shocked that this sink has been here the whole time. 


Edward comes in for the head pets and napping on the heated floor

Raleigh says I know of these is mine....then some after breakfast napping

Chloe says "heeeeey"

Becky loves a comfy top of condo space

Jinx just catio chilling

Arya Stark likes a big pillow and a warm blanket

Edgar is getting brave, looking for window views.

Artie coming in for some pets & Mini napping in their cubbie

Oliver staying cozy 

Rosie giving her undivided attention

We will see you Saturday!
-AMK Team 

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