Saturday, January 7, 2023

January 7th

Happy Saturday everyone!

A-Pui is really gaining confidence on the catio

Pip likes exploring all the condos, testing out beds. 
She has decided A-pui's is her favorite today

Blossom loves the window. 
She spends the day watching and smelling. Isn't she beautiful!

Raleigh is a catio pro but he does have a favorite basket

Chloe persuading us to come in for some pets

Rosie being an explorer. She loves it outside in the catio

Becky loves some pets from the tops of the condo. 
She would also like to know if you may have some treats to share

Jinx showing you his sleepy and regal side

Edgar says double beds make for a great bath place

Arya Stark likes a little time inside and little time outside

Oliver giving all his best sides

Mini exploring the high places
and Artie coming in for some pets

Nittany coming out for lunch and exploring the cattery

Jessica would like to talk to someone about treats and pets

See everyone Monday!
-AMK Team 

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