Wednesday, June 14, 2023

June 14th, 2023

 June 14th

Happy Wednesday!

Ben loves all the attention!

Ernie is probably dreaming about dinner!

Blueberry is keeping an eye on things from the stairs!

Buddy is having the best time playing today!

Carlos always loves to say hi and get pets!

Chili is sooo sweet and loves to hangout in her condo!

Junebug catchin' the breeze!

Luna and Maisy are best friends and love napping together!

Otter loves making friends!

Tari is admiring the star lights!

Momo is snoozin' away, while Nisa Boo is getting out all her energy!

Romila is a shy gal but oh does she loooves pets!

Waimea is taking it easy today!

Moose showing us how good he stretches!

Archer is camouflaging today, he says "can you still see me?"

Luna is staying extra cozy in the catio cabins!

Salem is very excited for afternoon treats!

Schrodinger spent the morning on the catio but came back to his condo for a nap!

That's all for today
See you back here on Wednesday!
-AMK Team

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