Monday, June 26, 2023

June 26th, 2023

 June 26th

Happy Monday!

Almond is extra cozy today!

Anastasia and Elsa came downstairs for some exploring today!

Arya Stark keeping a close eye on the strange feather creature!

Bert has discovered a new favorite spot at the top of the stairs, while Jett loves relaxing on the catio!

Boba is always showing off his floofy paws!

Brutus and Hyra are loving the sunshine today!

Buzz and Kiwi are besties who like to hangout on the catio together!

CC bird watching, while Mango is getting some good chin scratches!

Celia likes to spend her days in the window box, it's the best view in the house!

Dinah is hanging out with her new friend Oscar!

Frankie and Frito are mellow brothers who love pets!

Gary is always full of energy!

Goji likes to play with all the kitties and all the toys!

Jinx found a new favorite spot where she can gets lots of pets!


Juno likes being held, got to rest those pretty paws!

Rascal never passes up some belly rubs!

Knickerbocker likes exploring all over the cattery!

Kuma is having an after breakfast rest!

Mika staying extra comfy!

Oscar is relaxing after an energy filled morning of play!

Waffles snoozin' on the catio!

That's all for today

see you back here on Wednesday!


-AMK Team

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