Tuesday, June 20, 2023

June 20, 2023

 June 20th

Happy Tuesday! 

Tari taking a nap on the catio
Buddy and Blueberry have become best friends. They are always hanging together
Blueberry hanging with his new friend Buddy and getting some alone time too
Momo waking from a nap, hoping for treats. 

Nisa and Archer match the young cat energy exploring together
Archer taking a break from exploring 
Luna keeping watch from up high
Ernie wants to know why I woke him up
Bert showing you his big yawn as he explores the catio after breakfast and Jett coming in for some pets
Boba reflecting on life then showing the cactus who is boss
Coco peeking around the corner and posing for her close up
Dinah exploring another kitties condo
Hana & Yuki find all the good sleeping spots
Waffles getting lots of catio time, she's so pretty.
Juno napping after breakfast
Jubilee in his favorite window
Buzz & Kiwi enjoying the catio on this cool day
Jinx thinks you should see his cute foot while he sleeps
Mika enjoying the catio baskets

Bert helping with laundry & Ernie exploring other's condos
Duncan & Lily just hanging out
Kuma showing you his yawns you his yawns
Frankie & Frito settling in for their first stay with us, they are curious but cautious
Oscar is being so brave for his first day. Out exploring and being so polite meeting the other cats
Rascal is pretty comfortable, if you can't tell

Jinx comes out of her cubby to observe the other kitties. 
She still not quite sure about leaving her condo

Four kitties, three different families, all friends. 

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  1. Glad Kiwi and Buzz are getting out and enjoying the catio and the other kitties.