Thursday, June 8, 2023

June 8th 2023

 June 8th

Happy Thursday!

Baby is the sweetest baby, she will always come out of her bed for pets!

Bert and Ernie love exploring together!

Blueberry says "look at my tongue!"

Buddy was mid scratch but he was happy to stop and pose for the camera!

Carlos is channeling his inner bunny!

Charlie loves to flop down and nap on the catio!

Fifa and olive are very intrigued by the feather toy!

Kevin is a super active boy and loves to greet us in the mornings!

Luna prefers her cozy condo while Maisy likes to bird watch!

Nala is ready for another nap!

Nona is helping me with my notes!

Otter says "you must pet before you pass!"

Tari is very excited about all the birds outside!

Salem is taking it easy today!

Schrodinger says "Ahhh you scared me!"

Waimea is extra cozy today!

That's all for today
see you back here on Saturday/Caturday
-AMK Team

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