Thursday, June 22, 2023

June 22nd, 2023

 June 22nd       

Happy Thursday!

Almond loves the catio!

Bert and Jett exploring!

Boba is snoozin away!

Buzz and Kiwi saying hello!

Mango likes to be up high while CC prefers her condo!

Coco showing off her cute blue eyes!

Dinah is a shy but so sweet gal, she loves heads pets!

Ernie is makin friends!

Frankie and Frito like to hangout together!

Gary is super active!

Jinx is extra sleepy today!

Jinx B has gotten super comfortable here, she loves her basket bed!

Jubilee is tired from all the bird watching!

Juno loves pets!

Knickerbocker just arrived and is already making himself at home!

Kuma patiently waiting for dinner!

Mika staying cozy in the basket beds!

Momo getting some much needed pets and Nisa Boo getting out all of her energy!

Oscar loves to play with all the toys and the other kitties!

Rascal keeps me company while I work on the blog!

Tari says "hello please pet me!"

Waffles likes to spend her days on the catio!

That's all for today
see you back here on Saturday/Caturday!
-AMK Team!

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  1. We love seeing these photos of Jett & Bert every other day, especially our kids. It’s been a highlight of our trip. Thanks for doing it!