Wednesday, August 23, 2023

August 23rd, 2023

 August 23rd

Happy Wednesday!

Aero and Sine love the catio!

Playtime for Beesly!

Dexter and Portia are having some quality sibling time!

Esme is the queen of lounging!

Fennec and Nagi enjoying the sunshine!

Hazel loves her blanket!

Helen prefers to relax, while Patsy wants pets!

Harry likes to be up high, while Iggy prefers the cozy cabin beds!

Isis and Mary always find the best nap spots!

Johnnie Walker just finished her lunch!

Kuro says "any treats for me?"

Laptop thinks the stairs are the best place to hangout!

Luke never passes up a good head scratch!

Mittens exploring!

Murphy says "Hello, down here!"

Musubi loves to hangout in her condo and watch all the kitties!

Gus Gus is getting lots of love today!

Nala has ben exploring all morning!

Nisa Boo is showing us how strong she is, while Momo is taking it easy!


Obi found the best basket to nap in!

Opal looking majestic after a good brushing!

Tibeau catching the breeze!

Ziggy loves lounging around!

That's all for today, 
see you back here on Friday!
-AMK Team

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