Thursday, August 3, 2023

August 3rd, 2023

 August 3rd

Happy Thursday!

Obi turns 5 years old today! Everyone say Happy Birthday Obi!

Beau is so cozy!

Brutus and Hyra love the sunshine!

Charlie and Percy are taking it easy today!

Chloe just arrived and is already getting cozy!

Freya says "pets please!"

Gary stays full of energy!

Goose loves to chat!

Tula is too comfortable to move!

Hester Prynnecess is deciding weather or not to eat her treats or play!

Jake and Cleo in their favorite spots!

Jessica is ready for dinner!

Kuma says hi!

Leo being so cute, and then he said "let's do a silly one!"

Maisie loves all the attention!

Mantou likes to hangout in their condo!

Marvin is the king of naps!

Oontz has been super playful today!

Patrick loving the catio!

Quorra in her favorite spot, she got lots of chin scratches earlier!

Scarlet loves the window, while Felix decided napping under his bed was the best spot!

Shephard is in loaf mode!

Zuli spends half his day playing and half his day napping!

That's all for today
see you back here on Saturday/Caturday!
-AMK Team!

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