Saturday, August 19, 2023

August 19, 2023

 August 19th

Obi exploring the top of the stairs and 
watching Fennec getting the scratcher
Tibeau's sleepy face on the catio

Pearly isn't so sure about the catnip

Daniel made it to the top of the cat tree

Apollo napping

Hana requesting some play time and Yuki lounging in their cubby

Mr Bingly coming in for pets and hanging out with Fennec

Aero and Sine love exploring the catio

Luli exploring up high

Jack getting some time in the window

Esme exploring the stairs 

Beltane giving the prettiest face

Maya says "Hey bring that back!"

Luke coming in for pets and seeing what this catnip is like

Duncan and Lily napping on the top of the condos

Beesly lounging on the catio

Kuro napping in their favorite basket

Fennec and Nagi exploring some fresh catnip

Chez isn't so sure bout this catnip

Murphy is getting brave and doing all the exploring

Gus lounging in his cubby

Raleigh always finds their favorite shelf

Helen chilling in her cubby and Patsy is camera shy in the background of the cubby. 
She's feeling reserved today.

Hazel is doing a lot of observing on her first day

Momo napping  and Nisa Boo Boo giving the camera her sassy face

We will see you Monday! 


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