Tuesday, August 15, 2023

August 15, 2023

 August 15th 

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

It is a lazy Tuesday here! Everyone is enjoying the hot weather and cool breeze!

Beltane is feeling a little shy today but he loves a treat or two! 

Bailey is on the hunt!

Apollo loved to sit in my lap as I work on the computer!

Daniel is a great explorer! He loves to be up high!

Esme is the master of the doorway! She demands acknowledgement of all who pass!

Hana and Yuki are such sweeties! They have been very playful today!

Bunny and Hugo are both very friendly! They are always ready for a good head rub!

Jack had a lot to tell me today! He was being very chatty!

Jules has been a great greeter at the catio door!

Luli loves to look down on everyone playing below! She is a good supervisor! 

Lenny, Louis, and Goldie are extra energetic today!

Luke has adjusted back quickly and is already ready to explore!

Ming and Nimbus are training condos and making friends!

Obi is loving this warm weather!

Pearly is a happy guy and loves exploring!

Sine and Aero both love the catio!

Taco has been exploring other condos today!

Tibeau has a favorite spot for his afternoon nap!

Waimea has a very boop-able nose and loves a good cuddle! 

Nala is extra chatty and squeaky today!

Maya in her favorite basket!

Mr Bingley is exploring other condos today!

left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed!

We will see you all Thursday! 
AMK Team 

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