Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 1, 2023

 August 1st

Happy First day of August!

Zuli bird watching
Jessica enjoying the cozy top of the condo
Quorra lounging on the catio

Jack exploring the windows
Cocoa in their fave cabin
Sheppard lounging
Marvin showing you their balance skills
Musubi cozy in their condo
Patrick bird watching and taking down some catnip
Goldie strutting their stuff on the catio, 
Lenny getting play time in and Louis bird watching on the catio
Jake sleeping on the catio and 
Cleo lounging in a cat tree with Freya on look out
Oontz exploring the other kitties condos
Brutus taking a little bath and Hyra sleeping away

Memo posing for the camera
Leo sleepy on top of the condos
Maisie found a new basket
Arya waking up to smell some catnip
Obi lounging on the catio
Boba enjoying their first stay with catio access!
Charlie showing you their condo yoga
 Percy hanging in their condo
Freya enjoying time on the catio
Gary exploring a new toy

That's all for today, see you back here on Thursday!
-AMK Team

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