Saturday, February 16, 2019

February 16th

Hugs & Kisses
For All My Kitties!
Domino helps with the breakfast

Skylar checks out the window box

Luke is always such a good guest

Hunter is right at home

Frankie and her fabulous white eyebrow

Hey Louie!


Ella Twinkle-Toes

Charlie steps out for some fresh air

Rocky has his winter coat on

Stormy is never far away...

Marci almost makes a perfect sphere

Dusty is so excited to be back!!

Frank in his usual cabin


Charlie is such a chill guy

Charles is missing his mama Marie!

Roscoe thinks about dinner...

Nino nino niiinooooooo

Francis is the prettiest boy!

Rita shows off her toes


Puddin' 'n' Pie!

Percy has lion paws


Welcome back Manny! 

Raffy looks so snuggly today

LE says "pet me" with her eyes

Holly's hobby is getting all the love


Tiny little Saoirse

Loki holds the ocean in his eyes

Rufina picked the best spot in the room!

Curious Petunia

Silly baby!

Hugo hunny

Roscoe tip-toes around the condos

Lopo likes a lofty view

Stormy & Dusty are fast friends!

Crunchy comes out for some love

Miyu sure looks cozy

"Omg check this out!" - Dusty

Ella says "who dat out there?"

Bobby baby!

Greyson is settling in for his afternoon siesta
Coco contemplates
Crunchy is the sweetest!

Francis the lover
Devon loves to spoil him!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Hosts,
Angela & Devon

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