Monday, February 18, 2019

February 18th

Marci does a blep!

There's her sweet face

Abigail cuddled on a heating pad in the catio

The only time Bobby and Dusty stopped playing long enough for me to snap a pic of them together



Sweet kitten Dusty

Resident cat Charles sticks out his tongue at me

Little Stormy!

Crunchy is the sweetest girl!

Roscoe in his condo

Classic Bangle won't stay out of the sink


Miyu sleeps in late

Hunter on the prowl!

Oscar Wild getting cuddles!

Look at Charlie's lil paw

Lopo sunbathes

Lopo's brother Frank prefers his condo


Sweet Shy Saoirse!

L.E. accepts scritches

Condo Party! Loki and Manny with a shadowy Raffy in the back!

Close up on Manny and his sweet little fang!

Close up on sleepy Loki!

Juno and her big blue eyes!

Francis says "oh am I adorable? I had no idea"

Rufina loves this window!

A little Nino lion with his little toy lion!

Adorable Rita!

George surveys the room

Wally curled in her condo!

Percy yaaawwns


Luke is a such a sweetheart 

He laid down on my hand <3 p="">

Geno is like ummm can i help you

Bella is a snuggly girl!

Handsome Skyler!

Ella cozy in her condo


Hunter and Stanley have a chat




Sweet Swisher

Rocky Rockstar!!!

Have a great day from all the kitties and ur blog host, 

Devon =^.^=

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