Thursday, February 7, 2019

February 7th

Lil' Man has such dreamy eyes!

Bima is right at home on the computer desk chair. 

Lovely Lili.  

My, Kona, what big eyes you have!  

Charming Cooper.  

Adda boy, Bima!  

Rita has a friendly face.  

Sweetie-pie Greyson.

And he's such a pretty boy.  


Lil' Man you are so cute!  

Kurie showing off her scratching skills.  

Howdy Frances.  

Ollie takes a tour around the room.


Sultry Cooper.  

Magnetic Raleigh.  

Roo is back for another visit!

Dynamic Frances.  

Butters was born a gentleman.  

Lil' Man never turns down a photo op.  

Chloe hanging out by the window.  Stay warm inside today!  

Dusty is out and about!  

Ike is such a nice guy!  

So suave!  

Dusty has the gift of gab!  

Noodest has the pinkest of noses.  

Newton says that it's still a beautiful day even though it's freezing outside.  

Electrofying Lil' Man.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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