Sunday, February 10, 2019

February 10th

More like a "Whisker Wonderland!" 
Greyson came dressed for the occasion

Hi! Can you guess my name? No cheating!
Ollie is a distinguished gentleman

Big yawns for Zoe
Kiki & Kha are the sweetest brothers!

Chloe found my break spot

Greyson gives me a seductive look

Ollie gets ready to fly back to Ork!

Image result for mork and mindy egg

The camera created a neat effect on Bima's eye
(he is ok though)

Always knows where to find the catnip!

Get it Bima!

Raffy pokes his cute little head out for some love

This is Roo's tent!

Holly's favorite perch

Raleigh doesn't let the cold stop his fun

Scout checks it all out

Dusty is such a curious baby!

"This is where my dad usually plays with me when he visits"

Raffy in the rafters

Joined by Roo

Image result for cozy by heikala

Cozy by Heikala

Pink in the Afternoon for Holly

Two peas in their pods 
Dreaming of mom

Cooper is captivated by this weather

Petunia is a pretty little snow leopard 
"I can't put this fountain together! Even if I do have thumbs!"

Elusive Ike! 
"I choose YOU to be my friend!"

Noodles gives me the best greeting

Is this Raleigh?
Or did a Pallas Cat slip in last night?

Hmmm I'm still unsure...

Newton thinks he is so sneeky 
Zoe comes out to get some pets!

Scout's pre-zoomies face  

Don't worry Dusty, you'll grow into your ears someday!


Stay Safe and Warm Out There!

Your Blog Host,

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