Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February 5th

Its a Snow Day
At All My Kitties!

Francis couldn't wait to check it out...and taste it

Cougar is right at home in this wintery weather 

Simon might be fluffy, but he doesn't love the cold!

Rita looks for some cuddles

Raleigh warms up inside 
Greyson looks good in blue

Kurie Kutie!

Ike slips and slides around

And searches for a drier perch

Kona patiently waits his turn for the window box

But Cooper causes a traffic jam!
Ollie likes it nice and warm
Tiny little Lili-bun

Eyes that stare into your soul

"Why is everything white??"

A little snow never stops  Newton!
Raleigh was made for this

A little dusty there Newton?
Noodles marches over for some love

But gets distracted by a fun piece of ice!

Chloe the princess

Simon & Ike are snow-buddies

Kurie is a pretty little one

Welcome Butters!

Sing to me, Chloe!

Cougar lives up to his namesake

Rita just wants to be where the people are

The outdoor water bowls frozen solid!

Cooper is so excited by all the snow

Kona has such beautiful eyes!

Noodles is oodles of fun!

Ollie decides to check out the winter wonderland

Greyson is an cozy guy 

Aww Bima stole Francis' catnip toy!
Francis are you pouting?

"But I looooove it!"

Francis attempts to take it back!

Stay Warm and Safe Out There!

Your Blog Host,

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