Sunday, February 3, 2019

February 3rd

Behind the Fe-Line of Scrimmage 

These Kitties are Ready to Play!

Noodles is the silliest boy!
Having a blast!

Om nom nom catnip toy

"This is my 'get-along' hat" says Francis

So much action for Cooper!

These boys love a visit from their mama

Hana loves the desk perch


"You gonna sit down and pet me now?"

Yuki wants all the laps

Ollie poses purrrrfectly for me

Lupe doesn't mind an upside down bed

Ike prefers to be ON TOP of his condo

Look at all of Simon's belly floofs! 

Chloe says, "he's right behind me isn't he?" 

Simon in the sky

Cougar camps out in his cabin
Until the roof came off!

Newton loves yelling at the birds

Ike is a cold-hardy boy!

Noodles is ready for love

Always know where to find Raleigh

And he knows where to find me when its dinner time

Bima loves catnip too!

Yessss its the best!

Lili found a nice cozy spot on the chair

Shades of Greyson

What a look!

Cozy Chloe

Little Frankie loves her carrier so much!

She says "just pet me in here k thx"

Extra chill day for Rita

Kona still warming up the place

Hello (Lupe) Kitty!


Ike has such a handsome mug

Making progress 
Ollie loves a good bubble bed

Lili says thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host(s),
Angela (& Lili)

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