Friday, April 2, 2021

April 2nd, 2021

April 2, 2021

 What's up kitty lovers! Things are starting to get busy here at All My Kitties as the weather gets warmer this week. We've got lots of new cats in this weekend, including lots of kittens!

Apollo is one of our new kitten guests! He is still a bit nervous, but he's been super friendly and is doing great for his first day

Bailey had lots of fun playing with the feather wand today! She is a super sweet and playful kitten

Beau is taking it easy inside of his den today

Ben has been here many times and has already made himself feel at home in his den

Ben also got some chill hang out time with friend LV

LV is a huge sweetheart who takes every chance he can get to cuddle!

Blee is a new kitten here who is warming up to all the other kitties. He is mostly hanging out by himself but got some nice chin scratches in today!

Buddy is another new kitty! He has mostly been preferring to lay around his own condo

Dooder is also a new arrival who has been getting used to it here! Here he is lounging in his condo and observing everything going on outside

Elko has warmed up quite a bit since she got here! She loves this window perch and showed off with some rolls when I came by to see her

Here's Elko and Oreo in the window!

Oreo is such a pretty girl with quite the attitude! Here she is helping me out on the computer

All the kittens love that there are other kitties their age here! Here's Oreo meeting Bailey

King and Tut are inseparable! They are adorable together and are never far from each other

Persephone is a repeat guest here! She is still settling in and is super attentive and watchful of what's happening outside of her condo

Smokey is a big lovable ham! We love how eager he is for attention!

And our last cat for today is Zolo! He found the best spot in the house to keep a watchful eye on all the riff raff below

Thanks for tuning in, folks! We'll see you next time!

Have a purrrfect evening!


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