Friday, July 9, 2021

July 9th, 2021

 July 9th, 2021    

Good afternoon, friends! Lots of kitties here with us today, and everyone is having a blast. Let's see what they're up to!

Aapo is the cuddliest little guy! He loves to help with emails by hanging out in my lap. 

Almond is such a sweet boy, I love his low-key energy. He's friendly to everyone, and is happy as long as he can hang out on the catio!

Bazbeaux's favorite spot is always the catio. Nothing quite like a good sprawl in the shade. 

Braveheart, as usual, always makes my day. She's a little cuddle bug too! She's happy to say hi to all the other kitties.

Sweet Buster has the cutest little spot on his nose! He's pretty shy, but he's made a few friends who have shown him some comfy spots in the cattery.

Sweet little lady Delilah knows exactly where she wants to be! She loves hanging out in her condo, occasionally popping down to say hi to her friends.

Ed and I have been taking turns with the chair in the office. She fully commandeered my sweatshirt to curl up in.

Sweet Ginger has made friends with Bruster! They like to find quiet spots to settle down in.

Handsome Harley spends his days lounging around his condo. Most mornings he takes a good hour or two to wander around the office before settling back down for the day.

Jazz has found so many comfy spots to snuggle in today! He really likes the baskets on the catio. If you ask me, it looks like he has a teeny tiny smile! :) 

Jojo has been a real goofball today! She's on top of the condos, reaching down to pat me on the head when I walk by.

Kiki is such a cutie! She's still figuring out how things work around here, but one thing's for sure - she loves a little attention and some head scratches!

Brothers King and Tut split their time evenly between the shelves outside and the comfy dens indoors!

Kingston is a goofy little guy, he's pulled lots of fun little faces for our photoshoot today!

Kiva is still adjusting to the cattery, but she's lovely to hang out with, and is working on making some friends!

Oscar and Lil love spending time together in their condo, finding great nap spots to tell each other about!

Loki has hardly left the catio since he got here! Lovely weather for lounging outside.

Missy has been a real cutie, curled up in some comfy spots today!

Someone was already in Oreo's "house" out on the catio, so she hung out underneath it.

Pepper likes to be up high, tall enough to observe everything going on in the cattery!

Charlie and Percy are another pair that has stayed snuggled today! Sweet gals. 

Naptime with Primrose is a level of cuteness you do NOT want to miss. Look at this little lady!

I have so enjoyed having Rizzo around the cattery. She's a great kitty to be around with her calm energy and sweet disposition.

Local celebrity Rocky Rockstar takes a good nap outside in the sun while modeling for the blog. 

Handsome Sarge enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities today. Mostly keeping an eye on what everyone else is doing, and napping in between.

Sweet Simba is loving the catio, too! So far, it seems that it is his favorite place to be. 

A fantastic Friday here at AMK. We hope everyone has a great weekend, and we will see you on Sunday with more kitty updates!

AMK Team

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  1. Sad to see no pictures of Michie this time, we hope he’s not hiding in the closet!