Monday, July 11, 2022

July 11, 2022

 July 11th

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today, many of our furry friends headed home!

They all had a wild weekend!

Arlo and Remy are a little shier! They love snuggles and head rubs!

Brutus and Hyra are loving the catio! We have been bringing them inside once it gets too hot!

Buzz and Kiwi love their condo! It is in the center of the action and they can watch it all from the comfortable of their bedding!

Jinx is a sweetie! He loves to great all the customers that come through!

Jubilee is a sleepy boy today! He loves to nap in the window boxes with the cool breeze in his face!

Maggie has settled in well! She loves hanging out in her favorite bed and watching the world move round!

Mika loves the baskets out on the catio! Everyday, she chooses a new one to try out!

Monkey loves to explore! We never know where we are going to find him next!

Ming and Nimbus love the top of the stairs! They are not very interested in exploring but they do love cuddles!

Oscar always keeping an eye on everyone! today he choose to do so from his condo!

Pancake loves his condo! He is always welcoming to visitors but he is not very interested in playing with the younger cats!

Pepper is loving the AC! She was outside on the catio this morning but was sure to come in once it got hotter!

Phil Collins is a very silly guy! He loves to chat with everyone!

Poof is the king of adventure! Yesterday, we took him out into the catio! Now, he loves being outside!

Primrose loves to snuggle! She loves hanging out at the top of the stairs!

Skyler is feeling very mellow today! He just wants to relax and get those chin scratches in!

Scout is settling in well! He did some exploring this morning and has been playing with Mango through the wall of his condo! He likes the barrier!

Groot and Thor are comfy in their condos! They have not been too keen on exploring yet but they love to hangout with me!

Yuna is full of energy! She is always ready to go!

Cat Fun Facts! Cats can jump 5 times their height!

We will see you all on Wednesday!



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