Monday, July 25, 2022

July 25, 2022

 July 25th

Happy Monday, Everyone!

We hope that everyone is having a good start to their week! All of our kitties are having a wonderful adventure! 

Buzz and Kiwi opted for some playime today with catnip and toys!

Luna bird watching, enjoying the breeze!

Pikku and Runo have gotten much more comfortable, both coming out to greet us and other kitties!

Mimi finds a new nap spot everyday!

Leo gave me some loud purrs during our pet session, and Will has kept himself busy on the catio!

Archie has gotten much more bold! He has been off adventuring today! 

Apollo loves cuddling first thing in the morning! He loves sitting on my lap as I work on the morning emails!

Aziz loves adventure, today he choose the catio to relax on!

Marvin can always be found up high keeping an eye on everything!

Ernie choose the catio for some sunshine, and Goldie and decided it's nap day today!


Roo has been very adventurous today! She loves to play!

Juno loves taking naps out in the window box! 

L. Daniel keeping things cool in his condo for the afternoon, and he loves to chat!

Schatzi snoozin' away!

Jack is still settling in but loves his cozy bed!

Zelda loves her condo, and loves her naps!

Cat Fun Fact! When dogs wag their tails, they may be expressing happiness. But this isn’t the case for cats! When your cat wags her tail, it’s her way of warning you that you are getting on her last nerve!

See you all on Wednesday!



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  1. Love the updates! So happy to see Archie settling in and all the kitties enjoying the day <3